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Toronto Airport Hit by $15M Gold Heist

Authorities are looking into a gold theft at Toronto Pearson International Airport, a common transit point for gold mined in Ontario province.

The valuable cargo arrived in a “high-value” aircraft container in the evening and was transferred to a cargo holding area, where the police suspect the theft occurred.

This incident could be one of the largest heists in Canadian history, comparable to the 2011 and 2012 Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist that saw 3,000 tonnes of syrup, valued at $18.7 million, stolen from a Quebec storage facility.

Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn of Peel Regional Police emphasized that the team is exploring “all avenues” in the investigation, characterizing Monday’s event as an “isolated” and “rare” occurrence. He provided some details on the container, mentioning it was around 5 sq ft, but did not disclose its weight.

Further information about the airline responsible for shipping the cargo, its origin, and intended destination has not been released. The Toronto Sun reported that organized crime groups may be involved, but Inspector Duivesteyn stated that it was too early to confirm such suspicions.

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